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Taking A Look At Online Casino Reviews For New Players

With the amount of online casinos rapidly increasing every day, finding one which will give you an excellent gaming experience without additional help may be a frightening task; it would be simply impossible to go to each site and try every one of them. Not to mention it would cost you a fortune in testing.

Gladly, online casino review sites make this task easier by collecting data from a lot of casinos from around the world. This information is utilized to rate these casinos in a way that helps you to determine which casino is best suited to you.

Online casino reviews provide valuable details regarding the bonuses, games on offer and various banking details in an attempt to give you the information needed to make an informed choice. The rating system is provided as a barometer on the caliber of service that they provide, as rated by players just like you.

Importance Of Security

Several factors ought to be taken into account when choosing an online casino, with the most crucial being security. Your casino of choice must be regulated by a real world government. Places like Malta, Alderney, Antigua, Cyprus, Gibraltar & the Isle of Man are all given the green light by the UK Gambling Commission.

This means that they adhere to certain laws, regulations and principles when dealing with players accounts and game fairness. You should also check to see if the casino is using an independent RNG (Random Number Generator) that has been tested by independent auditors such as; Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Variety is Vital

Online casino reviews will usually give you an overview of the casino games at each particular site. A common reason to pick a casino is its selection of games. With a vast variety of games it is always good practice to know which software providers are supplying the games.

Look for big branded software providers such as Net Entertainment, Sheriff Gaming, IGT, RTG or Microgaming. As these companies have big reputations and big corporate identities to protect. They are less likely to be supplying rigged software as opposed to “Bobs Independent Software Corporation” which is available at “Bobs Super Casino”.

There is another important aspect to consider regarding the variety of games. Casinos with a great selection of games are usually very popular, and the quality of a casino is directly associated with the amount of members they are able to acquire and retain. So if a certain casino already has a good reputation amongst players. There is a much better chance you too will have a good experience there yourself..

Offers and Promotions

Nowadays, online casinos provide plenty of slots bonuses and casino reward programs, both to new customers and to keep the loyalty of the present ones. Online casino reviews are helpful to compare the different promotions available. You should be able to find out the wagering requirements, the amount of time before the bonus expires and various other information needed to make an informed decision.

Reading casino reviews won’t only assist you in choosing a good online casino, but it will likewise get rid of the hazards of making costly mistakes which could put your personal and financial details at risk. Online casino reviews will allow you to find the best online casinos that will give you an excellent gaming experience and take enough measures to safeguard your personal information. See below for our own personal casino recommendations.

Dominion Dark Ages? Rats!

It won’t be long now until avid Dominion players across the globe will get what they have been waiting for: the official release of Dominion Dark Ages. This release, due out in late August of 2012, is a long-heralded mega-expansion. Where previous expansions consisted of usually 300 cards (for the full expansions) or 150 cards (for the small expansions). Dark Ages is behemoth, comparatively. Consisting of 500 cards, the expansion doesn’t even carry the common Treasure or Victory cards. That means all the cards are contributors to actual game play.

Indeed, numerous cards have already been previewed by Donald X. Vaccarino, the game’s designer. The fifteen previewed consist of three that cost 0 Coin (Madman, Ruined Market, Spoils), four that cost 1 Coin (Hovel, Necropolis, Overgrown Estate, Poor House), two that cost 2 Coin (Hermit, Squire), one that costs 3 Coin (Sage), two that cost 4 Coin (Feodum, Rats), and three that cost 5 Coin (Cultist, Graverobber, Pillage).

But, the previewed card that really captures one’s attention, both thematically and strategically, is the Rats card. In fact, Donald himself has named it his favorite card in the entire game. Before hitting some early strategy considerations, consider the thematic nature of the card.

Many cards have thematic elements to augment their play and highlight interactions among cards. This is particularly true within expansions. Take Dominion Seaside, for example. Most of the cards have a Nautical theme, and the interactions in the game mirror what would happen in real life (i.e. Ambassadors often bear “gifts”). Dark Ages is no exception to this Dominion rule. And, one of the most unique thematic cards is the Rats card.

The rules for Rats is as follows: +1 Card, +1 Action. Gain a Rats. Trash a card from your hand other than a Rats (or reveal a hand of all Rats). When you trash this, +1 Card.

Yikes! The rules play right into the theme. If you get a rat in real life, it isn’t long before you have an infestation. Let one little Rats card into your hand, and, before long, you could be overrun with them. To make matters worse, the Rats pile in Dominion Dark Ages breaks with convention to assist with this theme. A Rats pile has twenty cards in the Supply instead of just 10!

So, what are the strategy implications?

In order to keep from being overrun by Rats, you must have strong trashers. The Rats cards 4 Coin cost helps their use. So, Remake and Upgrade, if they are on the board, make taking that first Rats a viable option. Indeed, other strong trashers like Forge can also be of use. Forge two 4 Coin Rats cards into an 8 Coin Province! But, if your opponent has foolishly allowed a rat infestation in his deck, beware of playing a Bishop. That would serve as an exterminator for him, especially since Rats gives +1 Card upon trashing.

But, if you don’t have strong trashing cards in the game with Rats, they could quickly be equal to Curses (or even worse since they can multiply themselves). So, take stock of the cards available on any board where Rats is present prior to buying a single Rats. If there aren’t a lot of good-to-great trashers on it, don’t even buy one Rats. You might rue the day you do!