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Top 10 Wii U Games You Should Consider As Holiday Gifts

Do you need some help choosing a Wii U for friends and family this holiday season? Here is your guide to selecting the games that really stand out on the Wii U. Most of these games can’t be found elsewhere at all and a few have definitive versions on the Wii U. These are the top 10 games you should check out on the Wii U for the holiday season.

1. Super Mario 3D World

By far, the best reason to own a Wii U is to play Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo’s EAD team is one of the most experienced and polished development studios in the entire industry. I’d go so far as to say they are the epitome of gaming developers. Their last two games released were Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii and Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS. So, which genre did they aim for in this first 3D Mario game for Wii U? The semi-fixed level direction of Super Mario 3D Land? Or the free-roam camera of Super Mario Galaxy 2? Honestly, it’s a cross between the two. It has the platforming layout of Super Mario 3D Land but the levels are much more expansive and the graphics are absolutely stunning, like the art style of the Galaxy series.

2. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Wind Waker was already a cult hit on the Gamecube and now it has only gotten better. There were a few hiccups in the GCN version that held some people back from fully enjoying the experience. Those, such as slow sailing and fetch quests, have now been improved upon so as not to slow down the flow and pace of the game. Plus, the graphics have received an entirely new lighting engine and HD resolution, which makes the cartoony art style come to life.

3. Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is the ideal version of what Shigeru Miyamoto had in mind when he created the Pikmin series. The much more powerful hardware allows you to see tremendous detail in your environments and to zoom out so you can micromanage multiple teams within one map. If you enjoy strategy games and Nintendo charm, Pikmin 3 is not a game you want to miss out on.

4. The Wonderful 101

Fans are divided about The Wonderful 101. So, will you enjoy it? Basically, it comes down to one question: are you a mainstream gamer or a hardcore gamer? If you are hardcore then you’ll have a blast with TW101. It may turn out to be your favorite Wii U game. The Wonderful 101 doesn’t like to hold your hand. It expects you to learn the ropes through experimentation and practice. It will challenge you. It will throw all sorts of mayhem at your screen. And if you can handle the extreme action then you are in for one heck of a ride.

5. ZombiU

How about another misunderstood game? If you’re looking for another Call of Duty shooter that happens to star zombies, you’ve come to the wrong place. ZombiU is not a shooter. It’s a survival horror game with incredible innovation. You’ll be terrified as you ration your supplies, hold off zombies with a cricket bat, and run for your life. And, if you want a game that is a real showcase for your gamer friends of the kind of innovation the Wii U GamePad can bring to mature games, this will be the ace up your sleeve.

6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Ready to sink thousands of hours into a game together with your friends? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will give you the most bang for your buck as you go hour after hour, trying to chop off that monster tail so you can finally upgrade to the next level of armor. If you don’t see daylight for a few months, don’t blame it on me. I warned you.

7. Lego City Undercover

Lego City Undercover is a brilliantly fun and silly romp that will tickle your funny bone and have you laughing all the while. Not to mention, the game is pure, unadulterated fun through and through. Enjoy a GTA-like game that never takes itself too seriously but never lets up on the gas when it comes to gameplay.

8. New Super Mario Bros U / New Super Luigi U

This 2D Mario Bros experience is one of my favorite 2D Mario games in a long time. I’ve played through all of Nintendo’s recent New Super Mario Bros games and this one rises above the rest. It is purely due to the incredible variety held within its levels/powerups and the challenge of getting all three star coins in each level.

9. Wii Party U

Remember Wii Sports? That was the game you showed your friends and family when you wanted to impress them with what motion controls could do for gaming. It was instantly understood intuitively by each person holding the Wiimote and soon had them laughing and playing along. Although Nintendo had hoped this would happen once again with NintendoLand, the game that finally succeeds is Wii Party U. There are tons of mini-games that will get your friends and family quickly up to speed about how much fun the Wii U could be.

10. Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Criterion used to make the Burnout series. Then they started working on Need for Speed. And here they have a game that feels almost like a combination of the two. With Need for Speed Most Wanted U, Criterion took the Xbox 360/PS3 version of the game and improved upon it tremendously both in visuals, extra modes, and controls. This is a great racing game for any Wii U owner to have, whether you like to play alone or with friends.

Microsoft Xbox ONE Vs Sony PS4


The most important question in the gaming world is; which has better graphics? However, it is very difficult to answer. We are saying difficult because if you compare graphics of the current Xbox 360 with the PS3, it will vary from game-to-game, and generally the difference is not that great. It’s all down to the way games are made.

The one way to judge the graphics of both consoles is to look at what is going on under the hood – checking out the GPU, the CPU and the core system memory that run the show.

Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Controllers

Microsoft has done few minor redesign & Kinect redesign. Microsoft claims that they have made more forty improvements. However, most of the changes are related to ergonomics. An integrated battery compartment, new triggers and Wi-Fi Direct will come with the new controller.

PS4 – Moderate redesign and integrated Move

Sony has done some serious changes here. Now, there will be a move light on the controller’s rear, which will function like the

Move motion control ‘sticks’. There is also a share button which lets you share game moments instantly. Sony has given a completely new look to Sixaxis. However, the shape of the controllers is much the same as the current-model.But, now, the users will get more control with a track pad that sits between the D-pad and the buttons.

Xbox ONE Hardware

The Xbox One processor will be based on Jaguar architecture from AMD. It will use an APU with eight x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz that comes with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s. However, according to some reports, 3 GB of RAM will be reserved for the operating system and apps for games.

The memory subsystem will also come with an additional 32 MB of “embedded static” RAM, or eSRAM, with a memory bandwidth of 102 GB/s,

The console has a a Blu-ray Disc optical drive and a 500 GB non-replaceable hard drive.

The graphics processing unit (GPU) will run on AMD GCN. It will have a total of 768 cores running at 853 MHz providing an estimated peak theoretical power of 1.31 TFLOPS.

The gaming console will feature Wi-Fi Direct, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless for networking.

The Xbox One will support 4K resolution (3840×2160) (2160p) video output and 7.1 surround sound. The Xbox One will have an HDMI 1.4 for both input and output, however, it won’t support composite or component video.

PlayStation 4 Hardware

The heart of both the console is similar. Both have a processor developed by AMD. The PlayStation 4 will also use an AMD processor. The PS4′s CPU consists of eight x86-64 cores packed with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory which will give the console considerable longevity.

The system can run at a maximum clock speed of 2.75 GHz. The PS4 will also come with a secondary custom chips. This chip basically performs tasks associated with downloading, uploading, and social gameplay.

The PS4 will support photos and videos at 4K resolution, but it is not expected to be able to render games beyond 1080p. The console will have a 500 GB hard drive for additional storage, which can be upgraded by the user.

For networking, the PlayStation 4 will support Bluetooth, 2USB 3.0 ports and WiFi. Users will be able to include an auxiliary port for connection to the PS4′s Camera,

A mono headset, which can be plugged into the DualShock 4, will come bundled with the system.

Who is more powerful?

The simple answer is the PS4. Look into the technical reasons mentioned above, it is clear that the PS4 is more powerful.

Do you know the news that the Sony PS4 is (almost) categorically more powerful than the Xbox One is one of the reasons why the PS4 pre-order sold out before the Xbox One’s?

However, it’s worth noting that it’s likely there will only be minor differences in titles released for both consoles. There’s little benefit for a developer in making one version a good deal prettier than the other.


Xbox One – 3.18kg, 10 % larger than the 360 & ‘big black box’ design,

PS4 – 2.8kg, Slanted design,

Xbox One is large whereas the PS4 is sleeker, slimmer and will easily get fit in your under-TV space.

Xbox One Exclusive Games

  • Halo 5
  • Quantum Break
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Ryse
  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Project Spark
  • TitanFall
  • Below
  • Killer Instinct

PS4 Exclusive Games

  • Killzone: Shadowfall
  • Knack
  • The order: 1886
  • Octodad: Deadlist Catch
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Driveclub

The PS4 will reportedly have more exclusives within its 1st year. Right now, we only have this list of exclusive games available for the PS4.


This is a make and break factor, where PS4 clearly wins.

Xbox One = $499 (U.S), £429 (U.K.) and $599 (Australia).

PS4 = $399 (U.S), £349 (U.K.), €399 (Europe) and $549 (Australia)

PS4 camera, previously known as the PlayStation 4 Eye will cost $59 in the U.S., £54 in the U.K., and $99 in Australia. Even after this, the PS4 is still cheaper.

Sony may have a distinct advantage this holiday season, because it has been priced less than its competitor.

According to Eurogamer, Sony is going to get at around a $60 loss per unit, but it’s a marketing strategy. Actually, Sony is after typical users who buy a PlayStation Plus subscription and at least one launch title. That’s why Sony expects that they’ll turn a profit with the PS4 sooner.

What Is the Best Way to Defeat Handyman in Bioshock Infinite?

In Bioshock Infinite, Handyman plays an integral part as a bouncer that his main job is to protect Columbia from any attack and threat of other people outside the city. In this game, Handyman is also one of many villains that will hold back Booker from entering to the city of Columbia. Talking about his strength, Handyman is a really tough villain that can cause such great damages to Booker and even punch him to death.

However, even though this big fat enemy possesses such a great power in his 2 giant hands, in Bioshock Infinite, Handyman proved can be defeated if you can combine all of Booker’s strengths, from his big guns and telekinesis powers, and then optimize the use of Skyline to avoid Handyman whenever he starts attacking you back.

In this article, there are some facts about Handyman that you probably should know about. And if you happen to have some sort of problems when facing him in this game, here you’ll find out about how to defeat Handyman and what is the best way to fight him in this game.

Who is Handyman and What is His Role in Columbia?

First of all, you need to know about who Handyman really is. In this latest installment of Bioshock Infinite, Handyman is narrated as a really big guy that all over his body is made from steel. So from his overall appearance, we can see how Handyman looks like a giant robot. However, even though most of his body is made from metal, there are 2 parts in his body that still humanize him, his head and his heart.

As a matter of fact, these 2 parts are the only genuine human parts that can be found in Handyman’s body. So despite his robot appearance, it’s good to know that he can still think as a human and has a feeling of a normal human. But then again, despite these 2 human parts that still make him a normal person, Handyman is still a dangerous villain that has been programmed by Comstock to stop and kill Booker every time they meet each other in the battle.

Handyman Appearance in Bioshock Infinite

Handyman has 2 really giant hands. These 2 doll alike hands are capable to create such great damages to your health bar every time his jab lands in Booker’s face. That’s not so surprising given that Handyman has a really huge body, plus he is made from steel. So no wonder if he possesses such a great power in his hands.

As shown in this latest Bioshock game, Handyman appears for the very first time when Booker enters the floating city of Columbia. In that part of the game, we can see how Handyman is being “showcased” in front of the people in Columbia on the stage, similar like a “Freak Show” stage where weird people are gathered around in one place to show off their weirdness to people.

The good thing is, in that moment, Booker, who hasn’t been recognized as “the False Sheppard” by the public of Columbia, doesn’t need to face Handyman yet in the direct battle. However, the bad news comes around when Booker finally has to meet Handyman face-to-face in the real battle after people of Columbia find out about the initial of “AD” or Anna Dewitt on Booker’s hand.

What is Handyman’s job in Columbia?

In Bioshock Infinite, Handyman is given a job by Comstock to protect Columbia along with the people from the attacks and threats of Vox Populi, some group of people that are against “The Founders”, the group from Columbia government led by Comstock, and want to change Columbia as a new better place where all people, including black and Irish people, can be treated equally without any discrimination of race, tribe, or anything.

Besides protecting Columbia from Vox Populi’s attacks, Handyman also becomes one of Booker’s enemies, big bosses to be exact. Handyman is also tasked by Comstock to keep Booker away from Columbia and most importantly, from Elizabeth.

What is Handyman’s Main Strength?

The biggest strength possessed by Handyman in this game is the power to knock enemies down with his 2 giant hands. This is the reason why you as Booker has to stay in far distance whenever you fight against Handyman in the battle because if he manages to land his jab in Booker’s face, then most of the time, his giant hands can cause such great damages to your health bar.

The other strength of Handyman is his ability to hack the Skyline and stream an electric shock to this track. Well, the Skyline is the roller coaster track that is spreading out across the sky of Columbia. This skyline is mostly used to transport cargoes, while people with grappling hook, including Booker, can also use the Skyline to travel quickly from one place to other place without walking.

However, when facing this big villain, you must be really careful when jumping to the skyline because Handyman is capable to shock you to death when he turns the skyline into the electrocuted track.

How to Defeat Handyman?

There are many ways to defeat Handyman. The most obvious way is definitely by using your big guns like shotgun or other powerful weapons at your disposal. However, using only big guns to fight Handyman will not be effective because Handyman is really strong and he can quickly bounce back to attack Booker with his big fat hands. Therefore, before facing Handyman in person, you must firstly master the controls of Booker and knows how to use all of Booker’s weapons, including his telekinesis powers.

Using the Skyline

Besides depending your life to your weapons and telekinesis powers, the Skyline can also be really helpful to avoid any attack from Handyman. But you must always be well aware whenever Handyman uses his electric power to hack the Skyline. This will turn the Skyline into such a big danger to you as this electrocuted track will suck most of your health bar to death. So every time you see any electric spark on the Skyline, the best thing to do is to jump away from the skyline and make a fast landing to the ground or any platform around you.

Using the Guns and Telekinesis Powers

And as i mentioned earlier, one of the best guns to kill Handyman is shotgun. If you happen to own this weapon at your disposal, then you better use it when facing Handyman. Aim your target to his heart as this is the most fragile element in his body. Not to mention, even though the damages created by telekinesis powers are not that huge to Handyman, this magic power can still be useful to attack Handyman every time you have a chance to use it.

Elizabeth’s Help Always Comes in Handy

Not only that, besides using guns, telekinesis powers and the Skyline, you can also depend on Elizabeth’s help to open the tears in order to bring some goodies from other different realities to Booker’s reality, such as: medics, bullets, armors, walls to defend and even decoys to distract Handyman from attacking you.

Well, if you can combine all of those Booker’s strengths and know when to jump to the skyline to avoid Handyman’s attacks, plus with the help from Elizabeth, then you have a huge chance to defeat Handyman in any direct battle with him.

What about you? Do you have any other trick that you usually use to fight Handyman in Bioshock Infinite? If you do, then feel free to share your town trick on the comment section below.

Interesting Facts About Songbird and His Involvement in Bioshock Infinite

If there is any villain character that many gamers will try to avoid in their favorite video games, then Songbird might be one of them (and the other one would be Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within). Booker Dewitt, which is the main and the only playable character in Bioshock Infinite, is given a job by Lutece twins, Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, to help a girl named Elizabeth to get out from Columbia and bring her safely to New York.

However, Comstock, who possesses many technology inventions that were created by Luteces, especially the one that allows him to travel to many different realities and timelines in the world, obviously won’t let that happen. Therefore, thanks to Luteces’ technology, he then orders Songbird, a robotic bird, to guard Elizabeth in the tower of Monument Island and protect her from any threat of outsiders, especially Booker Dewitt.

With the time and reality machine invented by Luteces, Comstock will surely know and can precisely predict that in the future, there will be someone who will try to rescue Elizabeth and bring her out from Columbia.

And Comstock sees this as the most dangerous threat for him and his position in Columbia because if that comes to fruition, people in Columbia, especially the group from Columbia government called “The Founders”, will no longer trust him as a leader of the city, thus ruining his plans to keep reigning Columbia until his only heir, Elizabeth, replaces him. Therefore, with the help from Luteces, Comstock decides to create Songbird, an extremely powerful guard that his main job is to protect Elizabeth from Booker Dewitt.

Who is Songbird and What is His Job in this Game?

Songbird is a bird alike robot. It is a robot, in the shape of bird, and his main and only job is to protect Elizabeth in the tower from any threat, especially from Booker Dewitt. Given the fact that Elizabeth is the most important person for Comstock (since Elizabeth is the only heir to his throne), so no wonder if Comstock creates Songbird as a really, extremely powerful guard for Elizabeth.

Having been armed with solid metal armor all over his body, plus a really large and strong body, there is no way Booker can ever beat Songbird in this game, even with all of his powerful guns or telekinesis super powers.

The Facts About Songbird

One interesting fact about Songbird is, despite its role as one of the biggest enemies for Booker in Bioshock Infinite, it’s actually rare to see Booker get involved in the direct battle against this giant bird. So don’t ever expect that you’ll be able to defeat this bird in this game as Songbird appears only in several cut scenes.

The other interesting fact about Songbird is that, the eyes of this bird has 3 different colors: green, yellow and red (similar like the Big Daddy in the previous Bioshock games). But most of the time, his eyes appears to be red, especially when seeing Booker around Elizabeth. And if you see red color in Songbird’s eyes, then it means this bird is full of rage and will do harm to anyone who gets close to Elizabeth.

However, you don’t have to worry anything about this bird as Songbird will only occur in some cut scenes, not in the direct battle against Booker. Unless at the first part of this game when Booker tries to help Elizabeth escape from the Monument Island. This is when you can fire your weapon at Songbird, although it cannot harm him at all.

Anyway, besides red, the eyes of Songbird will turn into yellow if he feels alerted with Booker’s presence around Elizabeth. Finally, his eyes will turn to green if his rage comes to an end or in this case, he already throws Booker away from Elizabeth or even kills him. However, most of the time, it’s Elizabeth who always manages to reduce his anger to the low, thus sparing Booker’s life.

But then again, it’s great to hear that you don’t have to fight against Songbird face-to-face in this game because i believe it’s gonna be really tough or even impossible for Booker to beat Songbird even with all of his most powerful guns or telekinesis powers. And seeing how huge his steel-made muscles and wings, not to mention, his giant claws, then there is no single doubt that this bird will torn Booker’s body into parts before killing him. Long story short, Songbird is simply unbeatable, or at least by Booker Dewitt.

Songbird’s Weaknesses

However, despite the fact that Songbird is unbeatable by Booker, there are still some weaknesses that are possessed by this robotic bird. First of all, as we already know, Songbird is really loyal to Elizabeth given that Songbird has been programmed to do so. So this bird will never do any harm to this girl no matter what. And that’s the weakness that Booker can always gain advantage at. So every time Songbird is angry at Booker and almost an inch away from killing him, Elizabeth always comes to the rescue and calms him down, thus saving Booker from getting killed.

The second weakness of Songbird is that this bird can be controlled with a special flute called “The Whistler” given by Elizabeth. However, this doesn’t happen until Elizabeth (when she already becomes the leader of Columbia, replacing Comstock in the future) drags Booker to the future and gives him the special instrument plus the song notes that can be used to control Songbird. This is when the last weakness of Songbird is finally revealed to the players. And that is the full power of Elizabeth to open the tears.

Surprisingly, it’s Elizabeth, not Booker, that can really defeat and kill Songbird for good. After receiving the instrument called “The Whistler” from Elizabeth and also discovering about the song notes, Booker then uses that special flute to command Songbird to destroy the siphon. Apparently, this siphon has been controlling Elizabeth from using her power to open the “tears” at the fullest, thus preventing her to escape from the tower.

Therefore, after the siphon has been destroyed by Songbird, Elizabeth can finally use her full power to transport her, Booker and Songbird to the city of Rapture, an underwater city used in the previous Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. And given that Rapture is an underwater city, under the deep blue sea, then the pressure is extremely huge and powerful enough to kill any living thing in this ocean.

And thanks to Elizabeth’s full power, she then transports Booker and herself inside the building in the Rapture, while Songbird is transported by Elizabeth outside the Rapture building. So the huge pressure of the ocean finally kills Songbird.

The Bright Side of Songbird

However, despite all the bad things that we already know about Songbird, interestingly, there is still some shed of goodness inside the heart of this bird. If you’ve already played and finished this game, then you obviously know that the moment after Booker kills Comstock, Songbird surprisingly decides to help Booker and Elizabeth to prevent Vox Populi group from destroying the Zeppelin of the airship, some kind of machine that is really crucial to get them safely to Monument Island. So at this part of the game, Booker can give order to Songbird to attack any threat from Vox Populi people around the airship.

So yeah, there you go. The story about Songbird. Hopefully, this article can help you learn more about Songbird in Bioshock Infinite. What about you? Do you have any opinion regarding the existence of Songbird in Bioshock Infinite? Well, if you do, then feel free to shoot your opinion on the comment section below.