Interesting Facts About Songbird and His Involvement in Bioshock Infinite

If there is any villain character that many gamers will try to avoid in their favorite video games, then Songbird might be one of them (and the other one would be Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within). Booker Dewitt, which is the main and the only playable character in Bioshock Infinite, is given a job by Lutece twins, Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, to help a girl named Elizabeth to get out from Columbia and bring her safely to New York.

However, Comstock, who possesses many technology inventions that were created by Luteces, especially the one that allows him to travel to many different realities and timelines in the world, obviously won’t let that happen. Therefore, thanks to Luteces’ technology, he then orders Songbird, a robotic bird, to guard Elizabeth in the tower of Monument Island and protect her from any threat of outsiders, especially Booker Dewitt.

With the time and reality machine invented by Luteces, Comstock will surely know and can precisely predict that in the future, there will be someone who will try to rescue Elizabeth and bring her out from Columbia.

And Comstock sees this as the most dangerous threat for him and his position in Columbia because if that comes to fruition, people in Columbia, especially the group from Columbia government called “The Founders”, will no longer trust him as a leader of the city, thus ruining his plans to keep reigning Columbia until his only heir, Elizabeth, replaces him. Therefore, with the help from Luteces, Comstock decides to create Songbird, an extremely powerful guard that his main job is to protect Elizabeth from Booker Dewitt.

Who is Songbird and What is His Job in this Game?

Songbird is a bird alike robot. It is a robot, in the shape of bird, and his main and only job is to protect Elizabeth in the tower from any threat, especially from Booker Dewitt. Given the fact that Elizabeth is the most important person for Comstock (since Elizabeth is the only heir to his throne), so no wonder if Comstock creates Songbird as a really, extremely powerful guard for Elizabeth.

Having been armed with solid metal armor all over his body, plus a really large and strong body, there is no way Booker can ever beat Songbird in this game, even with all of his powerful guns or telekinesis super powers.

The Facts About Songbird

One interesting fact about Songbird is, despite its role as one of the biggest enemies for Booker in Bioshock Infinite, it’s actually rare to see Booker get involved in the direct battle against this giant bird. So don’t ever expect that you’ll be able to defeat this bird in this game as Songbird appears only in several cut scenes.

The other interesting fact about Songbird is that, the eyes of this bird has 3 different colors: green, yellow and red (similar like the Big Daddy in the previous Bioshock games). But most of the time, his eyes appears to be red, especially when seeing Booker around Elizabeth. And if you see red color in Songbird’s eyes, then it means this bird is full of rage and will do harm to anyone who gets close to Elizabeth.

However, you don’t have to worry anything about this bird as Songbird will only occur in some cut scenes, not in the direct battle against Booker. Unless at the first part of this game when Booker tries to help Elizabeth escape from the Monument Island. This is when you can fire your weapon at Songbird, although it cannot harm him at all.

Anyway, besides red, the eyes of Songbird will turn into yellow if he feels alerted with Booker’s presence around Elizabeth. Finally, his eyes will turn to green if his rage comes to an end or in this case, he already throws Booker away from Elizabeth or even kills him. However, most of the time, it’s Elizabeth who always manages to reduce his anger to the low, thus sparing Booker’s life.

But then again, it’s great to hear that you don’t have to fight against Songbird face-to-face in this game because i believe it’s gonna be really tough or even impossible for Booker to beat Songbird even with all of his most powerful guns or telekinesis powers. And seeing how huge his steel-made muscles and wings, not to mention, his giant claws, then there is no single doubt that this bird will torn Booker’s body into parts before killing him. Long story short, Songbird is simply unbeatable, or at least by Booker Dewitt.

Songbird’s Weaknesses

However, despite the fact that Songbird is unbeatable by Booker, there are still some weaknesses that are possessed by this robotic bird. First of all, as we already know, Songbird is really loyal to Elizabeth given that Songbird has been programmed to do so. So this bird will never do any harm to this girl no matter what. And that’s the weakness that Booker can always gain advantage at. So every time Songbird is angry at Booker and almost an inch away from killing him, Elizabeth always comes to the rescue and calms him down, thus saving Booker from getting killed.

The second weakness of Songbird is that this bird can be controlled with a special flute called “The Whistler” given by Elizabeth. However, this doesn’t happen until Elizabeth (when she already becomes the leader of Columbia, replacing Comstock in the future) drags Booker to the future and gives him the special instrument plus the song notes that can be used to control Songbird. This is when the last weakness of Songbird is finally revealed to the players. And that is the full power of Elizabeth to open the tears.

Surprisingly, it’s Elizabeth, not Booker, that can really defeat and kill Songbird for good. After receiving the instrument called “The Whistler” from Elizabeth and also discovering about the song notes, Booker then uses that special flute to command Songbird to destroy the siphon. Apparently, this siphon has been controlling Elizabeth from using her power to open the “tears” at the fullest, thus preventing her to escape from the tower.

Therefore, after the siphon has been destroyed by Songbird, Elizabeth can finally use her full power to transport her, Booker and Songbird to the city of Rapture, an underwater city used in the previous Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. And given that Rapture is an underwater city, under the deep blue sea, then the pressure is extremely huge and powerful enough to kill any living thing in this ocean.

And thanks to Elizabeth’s full power, she then transports Booker and herself inside the building in the Rapture, while Songbird is transported by Elizabeth outside the Rapture building. So the huge pressure of the ocean finally kills Songbird.

The Bright Side of Songbird

However, despite all the bad things that we already know about Songbird, interestingly, there is still some shed of goodness inside the heart of this bird. If you’ve already played and finished this game, then you obviously know that the moment after Booker kills Comstock, Songbird surprisingly decides to help Booker and Elizabeth to prevent Vox Populi group from destroying the Zeppelin of the airship, some kind of machine that is really crucial to get them safely to Monument Island. So at this part of the game, Booker can give order to Songbird to attack any threat from Vox Populi people around the airship.

So yeah, there you go. The story about Songbird. Hopefully, this article can help you learn more about Songbird in Bioshock Infinite. What about you? Do you have any opinion regarding the existence of Songbird in Bioshock Infinite? Well, if you do, then feel free to shoot your opinion on the comment section below.