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The Four Best Features of Next Generation Game Consoles

As the next generation console war is heating up, everybody has their own opinions. There are the respective Sony and Microsoft fanatics who will remain loyal to their respective brands. There are also the fence sitters, who are yet to place their allegiance in regards to the next gen console they’ll be purchasing.

There’s no doubt that both the Xbox One and the PS4 will be successful in their own right, so rather than doing a direct comparison between the two (an comparison that has already been done to death), the purpose of this article is to pick out and explain the best 4 features from both.

Video Sharing

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will record automatically record gaming in the background, although a recent disparity in buffer size has come to light with Microsoft’s machine able to keep a mere 5 minutes of video in comparison to Sony’s 15. Regardless of how it is implemented, it is sure to be a useful feature as up until now gamers have taken to more long-winded methods to record their gameplay. Throw in some dedicated compression chips and social sharing features, the new consoles are ready to take social gaming beyond standard multiplayer.

Instant On

This next feature is again shared by both consoles. As a whole, humans are getting less patience; people like things that are mobile and are unwilling to wait for anything. It is this human behaviour that Microsoft and Sony may have targeted when devising the instant on feature. The PS3 and Xbox 360 were most certainly not the quickest consoles in the world but the manufacturers have worked hard to correct this sluggishness for the new generation. Next generation consoles will be able to ‘wake’ almost instantly from a low powered sleeping state. That’s not all though, the speed improvement doesn’t end with the boot up time. When your console comes out of sleep mode you’ll immediately be able to resume your game without a lengthy start up or the need to load a saved game.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an interesting concept. Not only is it an interesting concept but it’s soon to be an interesting reality. Sony announced recently that PS4 wouldn’t be directly backwards compatible with physical PS3 discs; however, they will be available over the cloud.

The idea behind this is to have large banks of servers running as PS3 systems. This will allow PS4 users to stream these games to their consoles.

The range of titles that will be available is not yet known, however, if implemented well cloud gaming could well represent the future of gaming.

Cloud gaming won’t be available at launch, there’s currently only a tentative and hugely ambiguous release date of 2014. The technology will be introduced in North America first too, so us Europeans may have a while to wait before we can try it out!

Indie Games

Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 had a great selection of indie games. It’s for this reason that I’m looking forward to seeing what these developers can do with the new hardware. What’s more, Sony recently announced that it’ll be loaning out free PS4 development kits to indie developers for 1 year. In addition to this, Sony are offering free promotion for the best indie games, so there’s no doubt there’ll be some crackers!